Frequently Asked Questions

Are the tubes on the CDs different from the membership area?

Yes and no. There are currently about 3000+ tubes in the membership area depending on my rotations. The more popular tubes are rotated on about a 3-4 month basis (at least) such as Poser women, animae, faeries. Other tubes are rotated less often such as miscellaneous. Each CD (19 so far) contains at least 1000 images, so there are obviously more on the CDs. Also... the animae and faerie CDs are such a specific interest there are not as many in the memberhship area because if you don't like wouldn't want 1000 or so tubes in the membership area..same deal with the faerie CDs. The CDs offer more of each particular subject. If for example, I make 75 toonimals..I would probably upload about 50 or so to the membership area. The CDs contain all the tubes from Day One.

New images are added about 3 times a week..averaging at the very least 50 new images per week...often more, today I uploaded 42. If you like the free images you will love being a member!

Why do you object to passing your images through "tube groups".

Sore subject here. I am sure there are groups out there with morals but sadly I have found few. The stealing of other people's work and software programs seem to run rampant in these groups and it is just a matter of time until somebody claims my images as their own. On the few occasions I have asked the moderators NICELY to remind people of my terms, I was usually met with antaganostic and often nasty replies...sometimes insinuating that I stole them.... they are just doing the same. My images are made by me using either fonts which I have obtained (purchased) a license and can freely distribute any images I create, but not the font itself, or made using my Poser program which has the same terms.. any image I create is mine, but the files to create the images are not to be redistributed. I do not object to people sending a link to any of my sites through the groups, just the images themselves.

Can I use the graphics to make things to sell?

YES. YES. YES. You may sell anything you create with the images. I own the copyright to the images but am allowing you to use them royalty-free which means basically that you can create anything but not redistribute the image in its currrent state (as you found it), in a manner such as I do. If you decorate the image to use as a sig tag you may redistribute it to your heart's content. You MAY use the graphics to make web sets for personal projects and/or for profit. You may use them to make avitars. Printed on photo paper they make wonderful gift tags. Every party where I had used them for gift tags they were passed around the room. You MAY use them to make mugs or mousepads for Cafe Press or whatever that site do not need to alter the image since it is not being redistributed in a manner such as I do.

Can I recolor, resize, etc.?

YES... You can recolor, resize, reanything and manipulate the images to your heart's content.

Can I use the images for ScrapBook Kits?

You MAY use the images I offer in scrapbook kits You can use up to 8 images in a kit as elements for commercial use and up to 3 images in kits for share or free. This is to avoid the mass redistribution by loading up a bunch of images in a kit with a paper or two and offering it for download for free. You may not bundle them up as clipart and sell them for designer resources. As always, you can use the images to create quick pages, papers, frames, tags, templates, candy wrappers or signatures without restriction.

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