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Tired of Terms of Use that fall just short of giving up your first born? Tired of license numbers/certificates that you must include with every image and/or display on your website? Tired of a list of restrictions as long as your arm of things you cannot do to the image you purchased? Tired of nothing new? No updates to the sites you joined?

I offer very generous Terms of Use without all the hassles and I update regularly. My images are among the most beautiful collections on the internet. You can manipulate and decorate my images any way you wish. You can combine my images with artwork from others. You can include up to 8 images in each scrapbooking kit you sell and up to 3 for kits you offer for free. You can use them in unlimited numbers for quick pages, papers, greeting cards, decoupage, candy wrappers, printable crafts, paper crafts, T-shirts, blogs, blog templates, pictureframes, stationary, websites....the possibilities are endless.

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