Terms of Use


You MAY use these graphics for commercial or non-commercial projects such as: web design, sigs, tags, stationary, scrapbooking, candy wrapping (and yes you may share the wrappers you create)etc., without credit and no linkbacks are required although always appreciated! If your MSN group requires copyright on the image (c) OutlawbyDesign is fine. This is a rule imposed by some managers of MSN groups....not mine.

You MAY freely distribute or sell anything you CREATE from the images as you wish.

You may use the images in tutorials providing I am given full credit and a linkback. Upload the image to your server and offer it from there...you will not be able to direct link the image from here. Also, I rotate these from time to time so if you only provide a link to the site, the image may disappear at some point. ***THIS DOES NOT MEAN YOU CAN OFFER THEM IN A TUBE COLLECTION.***

***Change in TOU*** regarding using general images for scrapbook kits. You MAY use the images I offer in scrapbook kits You can use up to 8 images in a kit as elements for commercial use and up to 3 images in kits for share or free. This is to avoid the mass redistribution by loading up a bunch of images in a kit with a paper or two and offering it for download for free. You may not bundle them up as clipart and sell them for designer resources. As always, you can use the images to create quick pages, papers, frames, tags, templates, candy wrappers or signatures without restriction.

You MAY alter the images in anyway you wish, this includes hacking, cutting, decapitating (for dolls), re-sizing, re-coloring, etc.


You MAY NOT hotlink to my zip files. This site is now hotlinked protected. Hotlinking the zips in emails will no longer work either.

You MAY NOT redistribute these images as brushes, .psd files, tubes or clipart. (i.e. burning them to a CD and reselling them or offering them for download from your site except in the case of tutorials as mentioned above). You may burn a copy of them to a CD for your own personal use. Under no circumstances may any image or component thereof be resold as part of any clip art or stock art collection.

You MAY NOT pass them through "tube groups". I find the tube groups have few morals and it is only a matter of time until I am accused of stealing my own work that has been claimed by another if they are passed through the groups. If you wish to send a link to my site through the groups that is fine.

Still unsure? You can find a more detailed explanation here:

Expanded Information

The PSP Tubes I offer have been created by me with images I have created using Poser software.

These images are now registered with the United States Copyright Office and I will persue anyone illegally redistributing my images in their present state as is against my terms of use. By entering this site you hereby agree to my terms.